Welcome to our learning network.

It is my hope that this will become a place of collaboration. A place where we all share the useful resources that we have stored away but that others may well not know about. I hope it's a place you can come back often to reference, and it's my greatest hope that we'll evidence the increasing opportunity we all have to collaborate from wherever we are.

1. Articles about technology's impact on student reading. Visit the Reading Articles page.

2. Resources for using wikis in classroom instruction and student learning. Visit the Wikis in the Classroom page.

3. Resources for using blogs in classroom instruction and students learning. Visit the Blogs in the Classroom page.

4. What resources should teachers know about and explore in a Technology in Literacy Instruction grad class? Visit the Lit Course Resources page.

5. Resources for using podcasting in classroom instruction. Visit the Podcasting page.

6. For examples of Six Word Stores, visit the Six Word Stories page.

7. For notes from previous presentation, visit the Presentations page.

Please feel free to add anything you think will increase the general value of this site, and welcome anyone to our conversation who you think would benefit from being here.