Below is a list of article links and resources pertaining to the use of podcasting in the classroom.

An article in pdf format by Bard Williams explaining the basic process of podcasting and how it can be used in education.

An article by Tony Vincent about creating podcasts in the classroom. A great place to start when looking to begin podcasting in the classroom.

Podcasting for Teachers and Students - Another great resource from Tony Vincent. This is a comprehensive, 34 page book on using podcasting in education.

Handout from CUSD220's class on how to create a podcast using
Directions to upload your podcast to your Contribute webpage and to your blog

Radio WillowWeb is a great example of student-created podcasts.

Apple Learning Interchange Assignments is a good place to go for lesson ideas involving podcasting.

Resources for additional audio files

The Freesound Project
Podcast Bumper Music
The Internet Archive (archival music and speeches)