IETC Group Carpool

Directions: Fill in the spaces below with the necessary information. If any of you want to have your carpool meet up early and meet us at James Street before leaving, just let me know. Please arrange to meet your group at your designated spot in time to meet us at James Street by 4:30. We'll wait for you all the way up to 4:42, and you can follow us down to Springfield. If you'd rather meet as a group and head down on your own, that's fine as well.

We're trying to minimize the amount of cars going, and I can only pay for the mileage for 3 vehicles, so if more than 3 people drive, some won't get reimbursed. We're also trying to minimize the amount of cars left in parking lots, thus the three different meeting locations.

Meeting Point #1: James Street
Driver: Pat
Departing: 4:30
1. Ben
2. Pat
3. Wendy (Pat's Friend, yes, she has one)

Meeting Point #2:
Driver: CarolE
Departing: 3pm to beat the traffic!
1. CarolE

Meeting Point #3: Grove Ave
Driver: Karen
Departing: 3-3:30ish - as soon as they get here!
1. Karen
2. Mary
3. Patty

Any other information you think we need to know or consider about this trip:
I'd also like to go to the Lincoln Museum before we leave on Friday afternoon, if possible.-Ben
There's a workout room and a pool for those who want to exercise...--Carole
Can you please include a picture of those facilities so I know what workout clothes to bring? -Ben
I'd like to visit the Lincoln museum too if it works out. -Janet