Presentation notes from the ASCD presentation "Engaging Literacy in a Digital Age." Presented on March 7, 2009 with Angela Maiers .

Session began with the question, "What is literacy?"

We discussed the foundation of communication and the foundational tenets of literacy. The way we convey and gather meaning in communication is through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing, and showing. Those foundations have remained for many years, however there are applications of them that have changed dramatically in recent history.

Exploration of the Four Resource model, and how we use it for both input and output.

In all of this, we must consider the medium. Specifically, what does this video tell us about how kids are using mediums today?

What medium and mode do we prefer as adults? What do we use most often when communicating our ideas with each other? What are we having our students use?

What if we gave them more choice in their medium and mode? How much more powerful is this story made because of its use of a more non-traditional medium?

Example of how classroom have students engage literacy today. Number the Stars example. Move from traditional, low-level engagement to a deeper investment with technology. Two examples given, the second being more powerful than the first. and

Discussion of Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and how they are changing the way we apply literacy to the medium.

Session ends with talking about passion and literacy. Demonstrated how students invest and what is possible with the new medium by showing the PS22 classroom and the story of how they sang with Stevie Nicks.